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Maintain the healthy lawn and garden you worked so hard on throughout the Summer months. These tips will ensure that you have a healthy yard once the snow melts.


Give Your Grass Proper Nutrients

Remember to fertilize your lawn to replace nutrients that may have been lost in the Summer. Throughout the cold months, the fertilizer will remain in the soil, so once Spring rolls around your grass will be green and healthy.


Keep It Clean Clean

Furniture, toys, and leaves strewn about before the first snow and can cause trouble for your lawn. Large dead spots might appear due to objects being left on the grass. Rake as soon as you can as mold can grow on the leaves when snow is accumulated.


Avoid Salt Damage

Salt used to melt ice on your driveway draws moisture from your lawn and can cause it to brown. Make sure you rinse all plants that have been exposed to salt with water in the Spring. You can avoid salt damage altogether by using something else as an ice melter.


The winter months in Alberta can be long, we hope these tips are useful for you and your landscape!