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When you work with a builder to construct a new home in Kinniburgh South, you’ll have a lot of decisions to make! Once you’ve selected your home model and lot, the home plans, exterior elevation and colour selections will be sent out for architectural approvals. While many of the interior selections – things like paint colours and tile – will be made by you, the exterior selections of the home will need to be approved by someone else.

All of the builders in Kinniburgh South must have their plans approved by our designated architectural controller, to ensure they meet the established architectural controls for the community. This process reviews the exterior colours and materials as well as architectural details of every proposed home.

This process looks at all of the elevations, to ensure they are in line with the approved home styles being built in the community. This process ensures a cohesive streetscape for all residents to enjoy. Additionally, the controller will review exterior colour choices, to ensure that the same colour isn’t repeated too close to another similar home, or too often in the community.

This can also mean that as a street or phase fills up, you may might not be able to use your first choice of exterior paint colours or styles of trim, or that your builder may be required to change details like windows or doors.

In Kinniburgh South, the guidelines encourage diversity and ensure eclectic exterior facades, contrary colours and contrasting exterior finishes as part of the streetscape.

The architectural controls also cover driveways, landscaping and fencing requirements that help to beautify the community.

Ultimately, this is done to ensure the community has an attractive, cohesive feel, which helps to maintain home values for all new homeowners.

Our builder group is now building homes in Phase 2B. Architectural controls have been approved on most of the 61 lots in this phase, and only 35 homes and lots are still available for purchase. To ensure you can build the home of your dreams on the lot you want, contact your preferred builder today and get started on your new home plans!

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