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If you’re looking for a thriving community to call home, look no further than Kinniburgh South.

Located in Chestermere, Alberta, Canada, Kinniburgh South offers an array of amenities. These include recreational activities, schools, and real estate options for residents.

This guide will serve as your ultimate guide to discovering Kinniburgh South. Whether it is its picturesque setting or welcoming community spirit, it has a lot going for it. We will look closer at what makes Kinniburgh South such a desirable place to live.

Explore what Kinniburgh South has to offer, whether you’re a young professional or a family. A community for everyone located in Chestermere, Alberta.

What Amenities Are in Kinniburgh South?

We are a vibrant and thriving community that offers an array of amenities for its residents. It is also a short drive from the downtown core of Calgary (but too close as to lose its small-town feel).

Here are some of the main amenities you can find in Kinniburgh South:

Parks and green spaces:

Kinniburgh South boasts several parks and green spaces. Residents can enjoy outdoor activities like walking, jogging, and picnicking. The nearby Chestermere Lake is also a popular spot for fishing and boating.

Sports facilities:

The community has various sports facilities. These include:

  • a skating rink,
  • soccer fields,
  • and baseball diamonds.

These facilities are open to both residents and visitors. They provide opportunities for people of all ages to engage in physical activities.

Shopping and dining options:

Kinniburgh South has several shopping and dining options. This includes:

  • grocery stores,
  • restaurants,
  • and cafes.

Residents have easy access to these amenities for their daily needs.


Kinniburgh South is home to several schools. This includes an elementary school and a middle school. This makes it an ideal place for families with children.

There are several great post-secondary options available nearby in Calgary.

These include:

There are other programs located in Lethbridge, Edmonton, and Red Deer that leave your child’s travel distance to mere hours from home.

Community events:

The community hosts several events throughout the year. These include festivals, holiday celebrations, and farmers’ markets. These events offer opportunities for residents to socialize. Here, you can meet new people and enjoy the community’s spirit.

Kinniburgh South has a wide range of amenities that cater to the needs of its diverse residents.

What Kinds of Housing Can Be Found in Kinniburgh South?

There are many good real-estate options available in this Chestermere-based community.

Housing is currently being built by these reputable home builders near Calgary:

  • Golden Homes
  • Green Cedar Homes
  • Wave Homes

Golden Homes, for example, is considered one of Southern Alberta’s finest builders. They have constructed several homes in Kinniburgh that are both luxurious and affordable.

Types of houses that can be found in Kinniburgh South include:

  • Single-Family Homes: Kinniburgh South has a range of single-family homes. This includes cozy bungalows to spacious two-story houses. They have a front and backyard and are ideal for families who enjoy outdoor space.
  • Townhouses: These are great if you’re looking for a low-maintenance living option. Kinniburgh South has several townhouse communities. These homes often have multiple floors and shared walls with neighbouring units.
  • Duplexes: Another popular housing option in Kinniburgh South are duplexes. These homes have two units that share a wall. This makes them a great choice for families who want more space than a townhouse.
  • Apartments: Kinniburgh South also has a few apartment buildings. They offer affordable living options for individuals and families. These buildings often have amenities like fitness centers, pools, and community rooms.
  • Luxury Homes: Luxury homes with high-end finishes and features such as swimming pools, home theatres, and gourmet kitchens are available in Kinniburgh South for those seeking upscale living.

No matter what type of housing you’re looking for, Kinniburgh South has options for your needs.

Find Your Dream Home Near Calgary in Kinniburgh South

Our community is among the best and most affordable for those looking to own a home near Calgary. A short drive from downtown, Chestermere is a perfect town to raise a family.

We chose Kinniburgh South for its amazing housing selection and numerous amenities. It’s a fantastic real estate investment that you won’t regret due to its many benefits.

If you’re interested in buying a home in Kinniburgh South, give our agents a call.