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Calgary, Alberta, is one of Canada’s fastest-growing and most exciting cities. Because of this, the demand for homes is ever-increasing.

People who are looking to build a new home in a different part of the city should strongly consider Kinniburgh South.

Golden Homes is now constructing top-quality residential buildings in Chestermere. We think that you should get the inside scoop on why this is a prime location if getting into a well-rounded community is important to you.

Close to Calgary

Being so close to Calgary makes living in Chestermere an excellent choice. Calgary has you covered if you need anything, including shopping and entertainment.

Only a 30-minute drive away, Calgary’s downtown core provides everything you need. If you’re like most people, you probably enjoy your small-town life but must commute to the city occasionally for work or other obligations.

You have easy access anywhere thanks to nearby highways like Highway 1, Highway 1A, and Stoney Trail.

…But Not Too Close

Again, if you still enjoy that small-town feel, Chestermere has you covered. With many amenities located within the area, leaving is not something you will always have to do.

With the following:

  • Shopping centers
  • A Costco
  • and a wide variety of stores for your daily needs

You can remain within the community for longer stretches of time if you’d prefer to avoid the big city.

Tons of Space

Is living in a cramped community not quite your style? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. In an expanding city such as Calgary, spacious communities to build your home in may be increasingly hard to find. Thankfully, Chestermere is here to fix that problem.

We are located a short drive from Calagry’s downtown core. You’ll be surprised at how much space is still available in Chestermere.

Lush green space, parks and wide open streets are available in this area. Avoid the sprawl and noise of your average neighbourhood near a major city core. See how Chestermere’s well-planned layout will have you rarely needing to leave.

It Has a Lake!

Has nobody told you about Chestermere Lake yet? It’s among the biggest bodies of water near Calgary. Also, it is perfectly suitable for water sports and recreation!

For many locals, Chestermere Lake is the main attraction. There are many playgrounds and beaches where you may go swimming, biking, or just take a stroll. Good news if you actually enjoy water sports!

Kayaking and swimming are popular pastimes too. The lake has a reputation for being exceptionally clean. Additionally, there are docks where you may leave your boat or jet ski while having a great time on the water.

The lake is a favourite destination not only in the summer but also in the winter. The snow-covered trees provide a picturesque winter wonderland. Skating and snowmobiling are also popular winter activities.

And there’s even more good news if you adore winter! All it requires is a quick drive from Calgary, or a quick walk if you live in Chestermere.

Nature and Outdoor Activities

Many people move to Calgary to be closer to nature. The province of Alberta is rife with world-class wilderness and outdoor activities.

Chestermere appeals to those who love the outdoors. This area is a sight to behold with its forested hills, luscious green fields, and sizable lake. Nothing compares to enjoying the fresh air on a morning dog walk or a peaceful picnic after work.

The parks in Chestermere are plentiful and varied. Many of them are located near Lake Chestermere. Rental boats and a playground area for children are two attractions at John Peake Memorial Park. Other nearby parks, such as Anniversary Park, are other places to unwind before or after work.

Are you a golf fan? Chestermere is one of the best areas to live around Calgary for the avid golfer. It is home to the Lakeside Golf Club, an 18-hole golf course that will thrill any golf enthusiast.

Having lots of open space promotes economic development. It also helps with employment opportunities for those who like to work outside. Chestermere makes sure that the town’s natural beauty is preserved for future generations to come.

Variety of Industries and Jobs

Chestermere has a variety of jobs available within its reach. Entry-level to well-paying professional positions are represented in the present industries. 

Numerous sectors, including oil and gas, retail, and construction, are based in Chestermere. Those who move to the city and are qualified to work in these industries will have no problem finding a rewarding career locally. 

And keep in mind that jobs from practically all other industries can be found a short drive away in Calgary. 

The community of Chestermere is set up for budding and experienced professionals. Also, for those who are looking for a home in Southern Alberta.

Top Notch Housing Available From Golden Homes

Golden Homes is well known around Calgary as a premier home-building service. It has 15 years of experience under its belt and a long history of glowing testimonials. It comes with great excitement that Golden Homes is now providing quotes for those that want a house built for them in Calgary.

Planning and building a home is not an easy task. The ability to work with a builder that provides customer service and industry-leading quality is important.


Chestermere is an up-and-coming and exciting new community near Calgary, Alberta. We feel it holds lots of potential for a wide variety of different people.

Having a community full of:

  • Amenities
  • Work opportunities
  • and rooms to grow;

Is generally at the top of the list for most people when looking for a place to build a new home and Chestermere. We highly recommend giving it a tour… we will be surprised if you don’t fall in love with it.

Consider Golden Homes as your top choice for the best home builder in Chestermere. Contact us today to learn more.