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Are you considering a move to Alberta and searching for a welcoming community to call home? Look no further than Kinniburgh South. Homebuyers from Vancouver to Toronto have been flocking here.

Today, we will explore why this community is the perfect choice for out-of-province buyers.

Discover the following:

  • Tranquil surroundings
  • Exceptional amenities
  • and the sense of community

These benefits await you in the beautiful and vibrant community of Kinniburgh South.

What Makes This Albertan Community Special?

Many things make Kinniburgh South appealing to out-of-province homebuyers. The small-time feel is a good break from the sprawl of cities like Toronto or Vancouver, for example.

Here is a breakdown of what makes this community a great place to move to:

Serene Location and Natural Beauty

Situated in the heart of Chestermere, Alberta, Kinniburgh South offers a serene location. It is surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty.

This community is nestled near Chestermere Lake. It provides residents with the following:

  • Stunning lake views
  • Tranquil walks along the shoreline
  • and ample opportunities for outdoor recreation

You can enjoy boating, fishing, or simply soaking in the peaceful atmosphere. Kinniburgh South offers an idyllic setting to relax and rejuvenate.

Welcoming and Inclusive Community

Kinniburgh South prides itself on its warm and inclusive community spirit. As an out-of-province buyer, you’ll find a welcoming environment. It embraces diversity and fosters strong connections among residents.

This neighbourhood hosts various community events. This allows you to meet your neighbours, make new friends, and establish a support network.

From neighbourhood BBQs to seasonal celebrations, there’s always something happening. Come see what brings this community together and creates a sense of belonging.

Exceptional Amenities and Recreation

Living in Kinniburgh South means having access to many exceptional amenities. There are many recreational opportunities available too.

Kinniburgh South features:

  • Well-maintained parks
  • Playgrounds
  • and green spaces

These provide plenty of options for outdoor activities and family outings.

The nearby Chestermere Recreation Centre offers state-of-the-art facilities. These include fitness classes, swimming pools, and sports courts.

You may be an active individual or seeking a place for your family to thrive. Kinniburgh South has something for everyone.

Proximity to Calgary and Convenient Access

One of the key advantages of Kinniburgh South is its proximity to Calgary. Just a short drive away, you can easily access the vibrant city for:

  • Work
  • Entertainment
  • or shopping

The close proximity to Calgary opens up a wealth of:

  • Employment opportunities
  • Educational institutions
  • and cultural experiences for residents of Kinniburgh South

Enjoy the best of both worlds—a serene suburban lifestyle with the convenience of a nearby city.

Future Development and Investment Potential

As an out-of-province buyer, investing in Kinniburgh South offers promising potential. This real estate opportunity should not be overlooked.

The community is experiencing ongoing development, with new infrastructure and amenities being added. This growth presents an opportunity for future appreciation of property values.

You can enjoy a high-quality living by purchasing a home in Kinniburgh South. You can also invest wisely in real estate in a community that is on the rise.

Can Non-Residents Buy a Home in Alberta?

Yes, non-residents can buy a home in Alberta. Alberta welcomes individuals worldwide to invest in its real estate market.

As a non-resident buyer, you have the same ownership rights as residents. Financing options and requirements may vary.

It’s crucial to consult with professionals specializing in cross-border transactions. This could include real estate lawyers and tax experts. They can guide you through legal and tax considerations. Property management companies can help if you plan to use the property as a rental or vacation home.

  • Conduct thorough research
  • Seek professional help
  • and understand the process to ensure a smooth transaction

Alberta offers a welcoming environment for non-residents investing in its real estate market.

What Kinds of Homes for Sale are Available in Kinniburgh South?

Looking for homes for sale near Calgary? You’re in luck! Kinniburgh South offers a variety of housing options to suit your needs and preferences. Here are the types of homes you can find in this vibrant neighbourhood:

  • Bungalows: Perfect for smaller families and those who do not need a ton of space but still want the amenities of a full-sized house.
  • Large family homes: For those that need the space for a growing family or for those that simply like a lot of space!
  • Medium-sized family homes: A great middle-ground for smaller families and working professionals alike.
  • Semi-detached homes: These shared buildings are an economical and comfortable way to live in this community. Our semi-detached blocks do not skip on the features of our other home models too.

Our lots are split into different sections that contain different housing types. This mainly consists of single-family home sections and semi-detached home sections.

You can select your home from a list of Chestemere’s top home builders. These include:

Experience buying a home near Calgary and the small-town life of Alberta all in one. Come check out our model homes today to get a taste of what homes for sale are available now.

Find Your Dream Home Near Calgary in Kinniburgh South

Kinniburgh South is an exceptional choice for out-of-province buyers. Are you seeking the following things?

  • A welcoming community with natural beauty
  • Exceptional amenities
  • and convenient access to Calgary

Embrace the tranquil surroundings and connect with a vibrant community. Enjoy the benefits of living in a neighbourhood that offers serenity and convenience. Welcome to your new home in Kinniburgh South!

Are you an out-of-province homebuyer looking for some real estate near Calgary? Reach out to Kinniburgh South today for more info about your next dream home.