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Don’t move into a new home unless you can find at least 10 reasons why it’s the perfect choice.

From its stunning amenities to its nature-centric, small-town atmosphere, Kinniburgh, Chestermere is a family-friendly neighbourhood that has everything you could possibly look for in a home—and so it’s no surprise that the properties in this area are in high demand.

In fact, the population of Chestermere has surged from 424 people in 1980 to the current figure of approximately 20,000. The city’s growth has been increasing by almost 20% since 2014. And within the city of Chestermere, it’s the Kinniburgh neighborhood that shines bright as a true gem and a popular choice.

Curious as to why Kinniburgh homes for sale have captured the hearts of house hunters? Below, you’ll discover the 10 reasons why:

Table of Contents: Why Kinniburgh Homes For Sale Are In High Demand

1. Proximity to Downtown Calgary and Major City Routes

2. Big City Amenities in a Small Town Atmosphere

3. Year-Round, Nature-Centric Attractions

4. The Availability of Various Brand-New, Quick Possession Homes

5. Easy Access To Custom Home Builders

6. A Family-Friendly Neighborhood

7. Nearby Schools

8. Affordable Housing Compared to Other Areas

9. Investment Potential

10. Sustainable Development

An aerial view of Kinniburgh South

1. Proximity to Downtown Calgary and Major City Routes

Kinniburgh homes for sale are nestled in an exceptionally convenient location. While the area’s serene, vacation-like atmosphere might convince you that it’s a world apart, you’ll find that it’s only a few minutes away from downtown Calgary and major city routes.

Those who are driving can reach Calgary in a mere 20-minute trip. If you’ll be commuting by train, all you’ll need to do is ride the extension of the MAX Purple Line. Its route currently features twelve stops on the west side of Chestermere. It’s expected that more stops throughout Chestermere and on the east side of Chestermere Lake are likely to be added in the future.

When riding the 307 Max Purple Chestermere from EB Merganser DR W @ W. Creek BV, you can reach Calgary in about an hour and 20 minutes.

You’ll be living the small-town dream in Kinniburgh—without losing the option of easy access to major city routes.

2. Big City Amenities in a Small Town Atmosphere

As you journey through discovering more about Kinniburgh homes for sale, you’ll see that this community gives you the best of both worlds.

The small-town feel that it offers serves as a refreshing break from the sprawl of bustling cities like Toronto or Vancouver. With plenty of green spaces and nature-centric views, it’s like a true breath of fresh air from the stresses of big-city living.

But don’t be mistaken—this area does not fall short in the amenity department at all. In fact, this thriving community offers all the amenities of big city living in a friendly, small-town atmosphere. It’s among the many things that makes this place so appealing to out-of-province homebuyers.

In close proximity to Kinniburgh homes for sale you’ll find the following:

  • Playgrounds
  • Parks (including a BMX park and skateboard park)
  • Soccer fields
  • Beach area
  • Civic centre
  • Retail district
  • Restaurants
  • Healthcare facilities

3. Year-Round, Nature-Centric Attractions

Even before Kinniburgh homes for sale became so in demand, this neighbourhood was already popularly known as a go-to vacation destination—and it’s easy to see why.

The area offers easy lake access where visitors can enjoy summer to the fullest through boating, swimming, and fishing. Come wintertime, it becomes a wonderland for skating and sledding. Adding even more recreational luxury into the mix, residents can participate in a variety of water sports, from sailing to kayaking thanks to the Calgary Yacht Club. Did we mention there are also nature paths where the whole family can sneak in some cardio as well as campgrounds where you can create adventurous memories to look back on?

These year-round attractions enable residents to step into the beauty of nature right out of their backdoors—easily pointing out exactly why Kinniburgh homes for sale are constantly in demand and why Chestermere show homes attract countless visitors daily.

Kinniburgh South residents playing ice hockey

4. The Availability of Various Brand-New, Quick Possession Homes

74% of Chestermere residents live in single-family homes.

Because of the high demand for quality housing in this community, Chestermere home builders continue to step up and construct top-tier properties that buyers instantly fall in love with.

The availability of these various brand-new quick-possession homes has opened up great opportunities for house hunters and actually made the “hunting” process so much easier—who could possibly say no to a stunning brand-new home in a tranquil community that’s ready for move-in?

One of the top-choice communities where residents can live their best life is Kinniburgh South. Located on the southeast side of Chestermere Lake, this new 86-acre community is easily accessible via Glenmore Trail, Peigan Trail, and the Trans Canada Hwy, or 17th Ave SE.

With its convenient connection to Stoney Trail, residents will find that getting around Calgary has never been easier. Kinniburgh South offers large lots, dedicated green spaces, and numerous amenities. Once completed, this community will feature over 350 properties constructed by the finest Chestermere home builders.

Apart from being situated in a picturesque community, our Kinniburgh homes for sale are masterpieces all on their own. Embodying both luxury and quality craftsmanship, our spacious model homes were built to impress and built to last.

Click here to take a closer look at our top-tier Kinniburgh, Chestermere show homes.

5. Easy Access To Custom Home Builders

Despite the abundance of stunning Chestermere show homes, there are some house hunters who prefer to opt for a custom-built property. Luckily, you’ll find easy access to plenty of custom home builders in Kinniburgh.

Kinniburgh South also conveniently offers options for high-quality, custom homes to perfectly fit the needs of every family.

6. A Safe Family-Friendly Neighborhood

You and your family deserve to live in a community that offers next-level comfort, fun, and most of all, safety and peace of mind.

Kinniburgh, Chestermere checks all these boxes and is well-known to be a safe neighborhood as well. In fact, Chestermere crime rates are 33% lower than the national average.

Further embodying a family-friendly image, Kinniburgh is a neighbourhood that will grow along with your kids. 30.4% of the population is under the age of 20, which means your little ones will grow up in a community surrounded by others their age—paving the way for elevated social interactions.

7. Nearby Schools

Another one of the many reasons why Kinniburgh homes for sale are so high in demand is the easy access to nearby schools that the area offers. Braving hours of traffic to get to school in the morning is something you won’t have to worry about in this community. East Lake School (K-6) is a mere 850 meters away from the Kinniburgh South community.

There are plenty of other schools located in Chestermere as well, including:

  • Prairie Waters Elementary School (K-6)
  • Rainbow Creek Elementary School (K-6)
  • Chestermere Lake Middle School (7-9)
  • Chestermere High School (10-12)

8. Affordable Housing Compared to Other Areas

On average, the cost of housing in Chestermere is 28% lower than the national average.

The real estate market in Kinniburgh South is quite competitive, which can definitely work to the advantage of out-of-province homebuyers. With multiple options available, buyers can often find more reasonably priced properties compared to other areas.

In addition to affordable housing, Kinniburgh is also known for having a more affordable cost of living than nearby cities like Calgary, which means that residents can save money on living expenses such as groceries, utilities, and entertainment.

9. Investment Potential

Investing in Kinniburgh homes for sale comes with immense investment potential. New infrastructure and amenities are consistently being added to this rapidly developing community. Considering this growth, there’s a strong indication of potential appreciation in property values in the future.

10. Sustainable Development

With its nature-centric atmosphere, it’s only natural for the importance of Mother Earth to take center stage in this community. As such, you’ll find that sustainable development is an ongoing theme in this area.

Kinniburgh South is one of the top Chestermere home builders that is dedicated to contributing to eco-friendly initiatives. This includes the following:

  • the use of sustainable materials
  • incorporating energy-efficient windows, insulation, and appliances
  • incorporating passive solar design
  • efficient land use
  • green landscaping
  • smart home technology

Discover more about how we’re building Kinniburgh homes for sale with a strong focus on sustainability: Kinniburgh South—Homes with a Focus on Sustainability

An aerial view of Kinniburgh South

Move in The Right Direction: Kinniburgh South

Buyers sifting through Kinniburgh, Chestermere show homes will find that all roads lead to Kinniburgh South.

Start mapping out a future in a family-friendly, nature-centric community where some of your life’s best memories are about to be made.

Welcome home–welcome to Kinniburgh South.Contact us today to learn more about our Kinniburgh homes for sale.