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Keep your house looking fresh throughout the Winter as well as making sure you and your family are safe throughout the season. 

Protect the flooring

Keep the flooring you spent so long picking out, looking new. Snow, salt, and sand causes damage to the floors. Use a boot brush outside for excess snow. Keep floor mats at all entryways. For wet shoe and boot storage, purchase an inexpensive waterproof tray.

Check Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector Batteries

Detectors should be checked monthly to ensure all detectors are functioning properly. There should be a carbon monoxide detector in each bedroom, on each floor of the house as well as the kitchen. Smoke detectors should be on both floors of the house as well. Never leave your car running in the garage with the garage door closed.

Avoid Slips and Trips

Put those snow blowers and shovels to work and keep your driveway and walkway clear. Use salt or environmentally friendly ice melter to avoid black ice and slipping. Don’t forget about the sidewalks too! It’s the neighbourly thing to keep the sidewalk clear.


We hope everyone has a safe Winter. What are some ways you prepare your home for the colder months?