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The Chestermere real estate industry is really on a roll.

From only featuring 120 permanent homes back in 1977 to being the place that 6,735 households call home today, Chestermere has come a long way since its days as a quaint summer village. Its refreshing small-town feel paired with big-city amenities continues to attract more residents—and the real estate opportunities are expanding just as much as a result.

If you’ve been on the lookout for Chestermere new homes for sale, you’re clearly not alone. The city’s real estate industry is thriving—and we’re here to give you a closer look at the rising trends and dive into the reasons why it’s a move no one will regret.

Table of Contents: Exploring Chestermere Real Estate Opportunities: Trends and Analysis

1. Rising Trends

  • Property Type
  • Property Size
  • Year Built
  • Average Housing Price
  • Average Sale Rate

2. Demographic Shifts

3. Factors Driving Growth

4. How Kinniburgh South is Fueling this Growth Even Further

  • Our Chestermere New Homes for Sale

5. Grab Kinniburgh South’s Chestermere Real Estate Opportunities

The Kinniburgh South community

Rising Trends

Back in September 2014, Chestermere was recognized as the fastest-growing town in Alberta. It was then that the town council voted to apply for city status. It may have only become Alberta’s 18th city on January 1st, 2015, but Chestermere is already proving itself as a city full of potential in various sectors. 

Discover the various trends in the real estate scene below: 

Property Type

In the city of Chestermere, it’s the single-detached properties that are the most sought-after, comprising 80.2% of the homes in the area. This is followed by attached homes at 19.8% and movable homes at 0.1%.

Single-detached homes5,40080.2%
Attached homes1,33019.8%
Movable homes50.1%

Single-detached homes are likely the popular choice because of the high number of growing families that choose to settle in the area. Locals under 14 years old represent the largest age group in Chestermere (5,035 people), followed by those aged 35 to 44 (3,755 people). As such, it’s possible that they’re looking for more spacious homes that offer more privacy at the same time—and single-detached homes tick all the boxes.

Property Size

Searching for houses in Chestermere that are incredibly spacious? You definitely won’t have a hard time looking here, as 49.8% of the properties in Chestermere feature four bedrooms or more.

No. of bedrooms% of Total
No bedrooms250.4%
1 bedroom1001.5%
2 bedrooms6159.1%
3 bedrooms2,64039.2%
4 or more bedroom3,35049.8%

Year Built

The abundance of Chestermere new homes for sale is another driving force behind the city’s real estate industry growth. Below, you’ll see that 46.2% of the homes in the area were built between 2001 and 2010, whereas 33.4% were built after 2011.

Finding brand-new houses for sale in Chestermere that are located in family-friendly neighbourhoods is an easy feat. At the same time, there are also plenty of reliable builders who can help you build your dream custom home. As plenty of new houses continue to be built, it truly shows how the city is experiencing immense growth and how investing in a property right now is a smart move.

Before 1945300.4%
From  1946 to 1960150.2%
From 1961 to 1970250.4%
From 1971 to 19801602.4%
From 1981 to 19901752.6%
From 1991 to 200096514.3%
From 2001 to 20103,11546.2%
After 20112,25033.4%

Average Housing Price

Currently, the overall median list price of homes in Chestermere stands at $870,107 as of February 2024. When compared to the average of $848,153 in January 2024, this goes on to show that there’s an upward trend in Chestermere’s real estate industry of 2.59% month-over-month.

Median List Price for Single Family Homes

What do the statistics look like the most sought-after property type in the city? For single-family homes, the median list price was $876,219 in February 2024. In January 2024, this stood at $866,216, showing an upward trend of 1.15% month-over-month.

Average Sale Rate

When compared to other areas in Calgary, Chestermere ranks #1 in the fastest-selling category.

March 2025 statistics reveal that an average of 44 homes were sold in the last 28 days. Given the size of the town, this clearly points toward just how in-demand Chestermere houses are.

Making the city’s reputation look even more impressive, Chestermere real estate statistics show that homes spend approximately 30 days on the market before getting sold.

If you’ve been eyeing Chestermere new homes for sale, it’s important to remember that great properties get sold in the blink of an eye—so it’s best to move fast and make one yours today!

Demographic Shifts

From an average population of only 4,300 back in 2001 to approximately 25,000 today, Chestermere continues to see some major demographic shifts.

This city had a population of 24,649 in 2022, making it the 19th highest in the province. The population of Chestermere greatly increased by 6.38% year-over-year and increased by 15.7% in the last five years. It currently ranks #17 for the fastest-growing municipality in the province.

Currently, it’s home to approximately 6,735 households.

Factors Driving Growth

As the Chestermere real estate industry continues to thrive, let’s take a look at the various factors driving this growth:

Big City Amenities in a Small Town Atmosphere

Chestermere embodies that small-town feel that’s like a breath of fresh air from bustling cities. With plenty of green spaces and nature-centric views, you can connect with the beauty of the outdoors the moment you step out of your home.

At the same time, this family-friendly community offers all the amenities of big city living as well, such as the following:

  • Playgrounds
  • Parks (including a BMX park and skateboard park)
  • Soccer fields
  • Beach area
  • Civic centre
  • Retail district
  • Restaurants
  • Healthcare facilities

Investment Potential

With the city continuously undergoing rapid development, the Chestermere real estate scene is poised to skyrocket to brand-new levels of success.

Because new infrastructure and amenities are consistently being added to the city, there’s immense potential for property appreciation in the future—making Chestermere houses a smart investment.

Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is at the core of this city. Plenty of trusted builders make it a point to contribute to eco initiatives by using environment-friendly materials, creating energy-efficient designs, and incorporating more sustainable fixtures.

As such, house hunters who are also eco-heroes find themselves gravitating toward houses in Chestermere.

Affordable Housing Compared to Other Areas

On average, the cost of houses in Chestermere is 28% lower than the national average,

The fact that families can enjoy nature-centric living in semi-estate communities at lower prices has positively impacted the city’s growth. 

Luxury Living

The beauty, functionality, and prime location of Chestermere houses make luxury living more accessible than ever.

From semi-estate communities to lake-side living and easy access to yacht clubs & outdoor activities like fishing, sledding, and skating, this city truly is like a dream come true.

A father and son on a fishing trip in Chestermere

How Kinniburgh South is Fueling this Growth Even Further

Kinniburgh South is a hidden gem nestled in the serene community of Chestermere. With its prime location just minutes away from downtown Calgary and major city routes, residents enjoy the peace and tranquillity of this family-friendly neighbourhood while still being conveniently close to all the amenities and opportunities that a bustling city has to offer. The well-planned layout of Kinniburgh South provides ample space for everyone, making it an ideal place for families looking for a safe and welcoming environment to call home.

One of the highlights of Kinniburgh South is its abundance of amenities that cater to residents of all ages. Parks, playgrounds, and scenic pathways offer endless opportunities for outdoor activities and adventures right at your doorstep. The proximity to a new K-6 school ensures that children have easy access to quality education, while a growing retail district provides convenient shopping options for busy families. In addition, easy access to Chestermere Lake allows residents to enjoy boating, fishing, and water sports during the warmer months, creating a perfect balance between nature and urban living in this delightful community.

Once completed, this semi-estate community that continues to attract new residents will feature over 350 homes.

Our Chestermere New Homes for Sale

Chestermere houses sell faster than you can say “sold.” So the perfect time to start looking for your dream home in this city is now.

At Kinniburgh South, you’ll find that the properties are the embodiment of a dream home—from quality craftsmanship and luxury aesthetics to customizable features. Come home to a space that’s built to last using the latest construction technology courtesy of our trusted builders, including Golden Homes, Green Cedar Homes, and Wave Homes

Discover more about our Chestermere new homes for sale below:

Sierra Model

Sierra model house at Kinniburgh South

Location: 162 Sandpiper Bend

Size: 1783 SQ. FT.

Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 2.5

Walk into a home that’s luxuriously refreshing. First-time home buyers looking for the perfect 3-bedroom home will find that the search might just stop right here at the Sierra Model. Featuring 9-foot ceilings and made with open-concept living in mind, there’s ample space for life’s best moments to unfold.


  • open concept living
  • separate side entrance
  • 9-foot ceilings
  • quartz countertops
  • walk-in closets
  • 4-piece ensuite bath
  • laundry room
  • built-in shelving
  • electric fireplace
  • triple pane windows
  • full HRV system
  • upgraded party wall

Sierra Model (Larger Unit)

A larger Sierra model unit at Kinniburgh South

Location: 103 Sandpiper Bend

Size: 1787 SQ. FT.

Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 2.5

Meet our other Sierra model that’s slightly larger in size. It features a 5-piece master ensuite and even a roughed-in basement development.


  • separate entrance
  • open concept living
  • 9-foot ceilings
  • LVP throughout
  • 5-piece master ensuite
  • walk-in closets
  • laundry room
  • quartz countertops
  • electric fireplace
  • soft close cabinetry
  • double vanity
  • triple pane windows
  • full HRV system
  • tankless hot water
  • high-efficiency furnace
  • roughed-in basement development

Grab Kinniburgh South’s Chestermere Real Estate Opportunities

Convinced that the Chestermere real estate scene offers incredible opportunities that you shouldn’t miss out on?

Then it’s time to start finding your new home.

Kinniburgh South is ready to welcome you to your dream space. Contact us today to learn more about our available properties.